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Current Featured Ice Cream Flavors:
-Red, White, and Blueberry
-Blueberry Cheesecake
-S'Mores -Banana Kiwi Sorbet

(Featured flavors subject to change without notice)

Homemade Ice Cream

All of our ice cream is made at Scoop Deville by us, not in a factory in some other city. We have 32 flavors on display every day. Special, seasonal, and new flavors are available throughout the year.

All of our ice cream is served in your choice of a cone or dish. Enjoy your treats year-round inside our comfortable shop or take them with you in recycable dishes.

Homemade Chocolate and Vanilla waffle cones and bowls are also available!

We also make malts, floats and sundaes.

Ice cream is also available in Pints, Quarts,
Half Gallons, 1-1/2 Gallon Tubs and 3 Gallon Tubs.